Why Everlast

Professional and legal form of investment

Trading is associated with risk. With higher risk, the chance of higher returns also increases. We have optimised the return aspect in such a way that the risk remains manageable for you and above-average returns can still be realised. Through full transparency and regular payouts on January 15th and June 15th of each year, you always know how your investment is doing.

Realistic returns

We work seriously and yet profitably. For us, this includes communicating realistic profit opportunities. Our recommendation: Refrain from investments that promise fabulous returns! With Everlast Investments, you can expect average returns of a realistic 4% to 6% gross per month. That is an honest and reasonable offer!

Automated trading algorithm combined with human experience

No human being clicks so fast or can react to price fluctuations in milliseconds – our automated trading algorithm works with the values set by our in-house trading specialists. In this way, price fluctuations are transformed into profit within a fraction of a second.

Committed to our common values, our team and our customers

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